Official Board – Bethel-St. Andrew’s

The Official Board is the governing body of Bethel-St. Andrew’s. It provides oversight of Church activities and reviews reports from committees  as well as approving Budget and Financial Statements. The executive of the Official Board is comprised of a Chair, Treasurer and Recording Secretary.

Committees include Treasurer, Ministry & Personnel, Outreach, and Presbytery representatives.  The membership of the Board consists of the minister, and members of Session and Stewards as well as representatives from Trustees,  UCW, and Sunday School.  The Official Board meets approximately four times a year.

Directory of Committee Personnel

The following directory provides contact info for the various committees within the Fitzroy Pastoral Charge:

Official Board:

  • Chair:  Dave Hayley
  • Secretary:  Judi Cote
  • Treasurer: Rob Roesler
  • Presbytery Rep:  vacant
  • Trustees: Ken Stewart (Chair), Rick Leben, Jack Lougheed , Win Munro,  Helen Parsons, Mary Simpson
  • Session: Carole Williams (Clerk)
  • Stewards:  David Hayley, Donna Laughlin (Joint Chair)
  • UCW: Nancy Hayley (Chair)
  • Outreach Committee: Anita D’Arcy
  • Men’s Ministry:  Walter Veenstra, Ken Stewart, Jim Simpson, Steve Duffield.
  • Ministry & Personnel: Phil Aldis (chair)
  • Communications: Walter Veenstra (chair)
  • Disaster Response: Walter Veenstra (chair)

Enquiries to:

Charge Administrator at 613-623-0606 |