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Live on Facebook – Theme “I Want” showcasing Broadway tunes with singers Cameron Hunter and Mike McCormick. 

August 2, 2020 Order of Service
Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church & Bethel-St. Andrew’s United Church

Worship Leaders: Rev. James Murray, Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson & Mike McCormick
Musical guest: Cameron Hunter



In Broadway musicals, there is a tradition called the “I want” song.

These songs name the dreams and aspirations of the character who’s singing the song.

Today, we’ll be sharing some of these songs with you
and also reflecting on the nature of desire.

In particular, we’re all going to answer this question:
In the face of the pandemic, what do I want?

And this is a question, we hope all of you will answer as well.

The pandemic forced us into lockdown and now into physical distancing.
Along the way, these measures have compelled us to re-examine
our way of life and who we are.

The pandemic has put pressure on our economic and social systems
in a way most of us have never experienced.

Given the situation, what do I want?
We believe it’s an important question right now as we chart our course into the future.

Music “Let it Go” from Frozen Cameron Hunter

Opening Prayer

Hymn: MV#143 – We cannot own the sunlit sky

We cannot own the sunlit sky, the moon, the wildflow’rs growing,
for we are part of all that is within life’s river flowing.
With open hands receive and share the gifts of God’s creation,
that all may have abundant life in every earthly nation.

When bodies shiver in the night and weary, wait for morning,
when children have no bread but tears, and warhorse sound their warning,
God calls humanity to wake, to join in common labour,
that all may have abundant life in oneness with their neighbour.

God calls humanity to join as partners in creating,
a future free from want or fear, life’s goodness celebrating,
that new world beckons from afar, invites our shared endeavour,
that all may have abundant life and peace endure forever.

Scripture Genesis 32: 22-31

Reflection What does Jacob Want? Christine Johnson

Music “Seasons of Love” from Rent Cameron Hunter and Mike McCormick

Round Table
In the face of the pandemic, what do I want?

Music “The Impossible Dream” from Man of La Mancha Mike McCormick