Letter from Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson – April 30, 2021

Dear friends, 
April showers are falling at my house and the grass is starting to get really really green.  I hope you are enjoying the transformation from grey to colourful.
On Monday (May 3) at 10 a.m. a gardening crew is getting together to tidy up the beds at the church.  If you’re interested in helping out, bring a trowel and join us.  
The Communications Committee is working on setting up a new website.  If you happen to have photos of the church in action, could you please send them to either myself or Cathy Guertin at cathy.guertin@xplornet.com?
As we continue in this provincially mandated lockdown, it can be frustrating to not have easy access to the things we need.  I’ve been working on a home repair project this week and figuring out what I need from the hardware store has been a challenge.  Sometimes you don’t realize how much you value the in-person advice and guidance these stores have to offer.  I hope I won’t take it for granted when they do open again.  
It does seem like the vaccination program is ramping up and more vaccines will be available in the coming months.  I hope you are watching out for opportunities to be vaccinated.  This will make our return to more physical contact much sooner.  
Our stewards are in the process of kickstarting our door project.  We’re so delighted to have $6,000 already donated and are hoping to raise about $4,000 more.  If you are interested in making a special donation to this project, please contact Dave Hayley at davidahayley@outlook.com
If you’re planning your gardens, I wish you well.  Getting into the dirt can be good for the soul! 
Take care and stay safe, 
In the love and friendship of Christ, 
Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson

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