Letter from Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson – April 16, 2021

Dear friends, 
Even as more of us are getting vaccinations, the variant strains of COVID-19 are causing more infections, especially in young people.  It is pretty discouraging.  Now is an important time to lean on our faith and to trust in God to help us see this pandemic through.  I hope that you’ll take the time to watch or listen to our worship service so that we can still feel connected.  
This week, Mike McCormick is filling in for Rick Leben, who has had surgery.  Our theme is “Christ in the Stranger’s Guise.”  You’ll find the video on YouTube at: 
For those without computers, the service will be available on SermonByPhone at 613-963-0064.
Are you a gardener? The Stewards are looking for some gardeners to take care of our beds at the church.  If you have some time and are interested, please contact Dave Hayley at davidahaley@outlook.com.  If you drive by the church, you might notice that our sign is not in place.  During a wind storm, it fell down and has been set up against the church for now.  
Our church organizes subscriptions for Broadview Magazine, formerly known as The Observer.  Again, Dave Hayley is taking care of this.  Any one who wants to get a subscription can do so and our church covers the cost although if you’d like to put a bit extra into the plate to cover the cost, it would be appreciated.  
As many of you know, we began a campaign to raise money for the replacement of the door leading into the sanctuary.  Other work that needs to be done at the same time is pointing the stones and improving the walkway.  I’m pleased to report we have $6,000 pledged towards this project and are looking for more donations.  If we’re able to get closer to our goal of $10,000, the Stewards believe this would be a good time to take on this project so the mess will be minimal once we return to our church building.  
As I wrote earlier in the week, we are saddened by the death of Donna Jorgensen.  Her funeral is to take place on Sunday, April 18 at 2 p.m. at Boyce Funeral Home for immediate family only.  However, it will be webcast on the funeral home website and will be available there for viewing anytime.  Donna has been a faithful member of our church family for her entire life, serving most recently on the Transition Committee as a representative of Bethel United Church before the amalgamation.  To her husband, Winston, children Doreen, Kristine, Steven and Janice, and extended families, we offer our condolences.  We will miss her.
I hope that as the weather continues to warm we can get outside to enjoy the new growth all around us.  Please take care and be safe.  
In the love and friendship of Christ, 
Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson

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