Letter from Rev. Dr. C. Johnson – Dec 12, 2020

Dear Friends, 
My heart is full of gratitude for all that you do to proclaim the gospel of Jesus Christ.  In so many ways, often quiet ways, you love your neighbour and live out hope, peace and joy every day.  
I saw this on Thursday as the UCW put together gifts for all the women in the congregation.  I saw this while we were recording our service with Rick and Walter, with my husband James at the sound board. Every week a team of stewards check out our building and put up tables and chairs when needed.  The Monday Stitchers boost our creative spirits. The Men’s Ministry hosts a bi-weekly coffee hour.  And besides these groups, I know individuals are reaching out to their friends and neighbours to make sure everyone is okay.  
Yesterday, I found out that our favourite “Pie Boss”, Mary Lynn Brydges, is retiring from this role and Donna Laughlin is taking over.  Did you know that in 2007 Mary Simpson brought the idea of making pies with her from the United Church in Richmond?  And this year alone, adapting to physical distancing measures, our pie team has raised $3,800!! Not only has there been money raised, but there has been a lot of fun and joy raising.  
Thank you, Mary Lynn, for your kind and loving leadership, for your attention to detail, and for pulling everything together so beautifully!  This church appreciates it and our taste buds appreciate it!! 
One of the wonderful things our Trustees do is offer a monetary gift to any post-secondary student associated with our congregation. Contact a Trustee or Ken Stewart at 623-3881 or at ken@ferryroadfarm.ca to nominate a student. 
Coming up in worship…
Advent Four, Dec. 20 – Love – Music by Rick Leben and Phil, Tonja, Mackenzie and Alex Aldis.
Blue Christmas – Dec. 20 – This is a combined service with participation from Trinity-St. Andrew’s United Church, Bethel-St. Andrew’s United Church and Admaston Pastoral Charge.  The time for its premiere is 7 p.m.  This service takes place on the longest night of the year acknowledging that Christmas can be a difficult time of year for many.  It offers both an opportunity for lament and an opportunity for comfort and hope.
Christmas Eve – Music by Rick Leben, Danny and Travis Strong and Kevin Davis bringing a country/bluegrass flavour. 
Christmas Day – Again, I’m sharing a pre-recorded service with TSA, BSA and Admaston.
After Christmas, Rick and I are taking a two-week break so there will be no services on Dec. 27 and Jan. 3.  I hope you’ll connect with other services on line.
If you haven’t seen the light display on the church, don’t miss it.  Sharing Our Light is one of the things we do to offer joy to the world! 
In the love and friendship of Christ, 
Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson 

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