Letter from Rev Dr. C. Johnson Nov 20, 2020

Tomorrow, a crew is gathering to decorate the church with lights and various other festive ornaments at 10 am.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Walter Veenstra at wallyvee8@gmail.com.
We’ve had to adjust our plan for Sharing Our Light Night because we discovered that we’re only allowed to have 25 persons for an outside event.  With three churches participating, we only have 8 spots available for participation from BSA.  But, we are encouraging everyone to walk between the churches or drive your car so you can see the lights at a time that’s convenient to you.  The lights and decorations will remain lit for the entire Advent and Christmas season. 
We hope visitors will come to Fitzroy Harbour to safely share in the joy of the season!! 
The Annual Christmas Basket and Angel Tree programs are going ahead this year with a December 12 deadline. 
Men’s Ministry Cafe meets on the second and fourth Monday of the month at 10 am.  Their next meeting is Nov. 23. 
Monday Stitchers meet on the first and third Monday of the month 11 am to 3 pm.  Since there’s an extra Monday in November, the next meeting is Nov. 30.  Bring a lunch and your favourite project. 
With the word that parts of the province are going into lockdown, plans for Christmas are generally uncertain.  At our house, we’ve started to put up our decorations early and have our Christmas CDs all ready for listening.  Usually I insist that nothing goes up before the first Sunday of Advent but this year with all the uncertainty, I say “there are no rules!!!” 
A lot of people are going to be alone this Christmas.  So if you know someone who is going to be alone, reach out and talk to them.  Perhaps simple connections over the phone, or on the internet, would help to bright their day.  Send a Christmas card. We’ll have to work harder this year to make everyone feel included.
We’re in this together and together we’ll be able to share God’s love. 
Yours in the love and friendship of Christ, 
Rev. Dr. Christine Johnson

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